The Tongariro complex contains multiple volcanic cones; Te Māri crater erupted in twice in 2012.

    Tongariro network map.

Tongariro is a complex of multiple volcanic cones constructed over a period of 275,000 years. The active vents include Te Māri, Emerald Lakes, North Crater and Red Crater. There have been five reported eruptions from the Te Māri craters between 1855 and 1897 but they have been dormant until 2012.

Most Recent Eruption

Tongariro erupted twice in 2012 (6 August and 21 November) at Te Māri.

Previous Eruption

  • Where: Te Māri
  • When: 1869, 1892, 1896 and 1897
  • Effects: In 1869 a large eruption (accompanied by an earthquake) formed the upper Te Māri Crater during an explosive eruption. Māori descriptions talk of "bright red flame through the smoke that would burst and fall like snow". In November 1892 Te Māri again belched forth an immense quantity of steam, mud and boulders; the ejected material rose 2,000 - 3,000 feet (600 - 900 m) before rushing down the mountain side. The last eruption began in November 1896 and activity lasted until October 1897.

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