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With help of the HMNZS Otago crew and the NZDF’s Seasprite flight crew the GeoNet teams on Raoul Island have had a very successful trip. Access to the helicopter significantly reduced the logistics involved for the team. The upgrade and hardening of the two tsunami gauge sites was one of the primary tasks for the GeoNet electronics team. They completed the 2nd phase of the upgrade of the Fishing Rock tsunami gauge. Work on this site was started during a visit last April.…
That's right, GeoNet's southern most site is in Antarctica! Last week, September 16th, the International GNSS Service network (see description below) announced the addition of the GeoNet site SCTB (aka Scott Base) to their network.  Scott Base is a little slice of Kiwi in Antarctica and is located on Ross Island. It's home to 100's of scientists who fly from Christchurch to the base during the summer months to study everything that the frozen continent has to offer, including: climate,…

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