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When volcanic eruptions occur there are many hazards created. Some are restricted to near the volcano like ballistics and surges and others like ashfall can occur 10 or 100’s of kilometres away. The ballistics workshop was focused on the path way from the hazard (rocks whizzing around) to hazard maps (how we inform the public); how we collect field information at the time of an eruption, modelling the data and evaluating the risk and damage to infrastructure (fragility functions).…
July 2016 landslides
Reported landslides occurring during July 2016. Friday 8 July to Saturday 9 July Heavy rain in the Coromandel caused flooding and slips closed many roads in the region. The following roads were affected by slips: SH25A Kopu – Hikuai  closed due to slip between Kirikiri Valley Road and Puketui Road. SH25 Wade Road to the 309 closed. Tapu-Coroglen closed due to slip. Kennedy Bay Road closed due to slip.…

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