Minor White Island Eruption - Wednesday Evening

Volcanic Alert Bulletin WI 2016/02:
11:33am Thursday 28 April 2016; White Island Volcano

Alert Status:
Volcanic Alert Level
raised to 3 
Aviation Colour Code
changed to Orange

An eruption occurred at White Island (Whaakari) sometime between 9:30 – 11:00 pm yesterday (Wednesday, 27 April 2016).

As a consequence of this activity the Volcanic Alert Level is now raised to Level 3 (Minor Volcanic Eruption) and the Aviation Colour Code to Orange.

No eruptive activity has been seen since about 11:00 pm yesterday.

The eruption that occurred Wednesday 27 April was accompanied by a moderately elevated seismic activity. The seismic activity is now back to normal.

The eruption appears to have deposited material over north side of the crater floor and up onto north crater wall.

There is not yet a clear view of crater area visible from cameras.

GNS Science volcanologists are monitoring the volcano and further information will be released as soon as it is available.


GNS Science continues to closely monitor all our active volcanoes through the GeoNet project. The Volcanic Alert Level ranges from 0 to 5 and defines the current status at a volcano. Aviation Colour Codes are based on four colours and are intended for reference only in the international civil aviation community.

Contact: Agnes Mazot
Duty Volcanologist
07 3748211

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