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Smartphone Applications

You can download the GeoNet earthquake application for your Android phone at the 
Google Play Marketplace.

If you have an iPhone or iPad you can download our app at the iTunes store


Mailing Lists

EQnews  allows you to sign up and receive GeoNet earthquake reports via email. The EQnews Archives feature all the postings made to this list, arranged by month.


If you are part of a CDEM group, Lifeline utility or your organisation is vital to Emergency Management in New Zealand please contact Sara Page for information on our tailored Geological hazard alert service.

(info) or  04 570 4814


RSS Feeds

Many browsers provide feed reading capabilities e.g., live bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox. If you prefer a desktop feed reader there are many available. We use Liferea and RSSOwl. Liferea is particularly nice as it will render spatial elements in feeds as interactive maps.

If you choose to use the RSS feeds programmatically then bear in mind there are nine incompatible RSS formats and the feeds provide no guarantee about the specification they contain - this is usually handled by the client interpreting the name space in the feed. A good option is to be able convert them to another format to help make tracking changes simpler. The Rome project provides tools for doing this and a good explanation of the complexity of RSS.

Note that we cannot provide support for Liferea, RSSOwl, Rome or any other feed readers; please use the forums of the reader you choose for any support questions.

The following RSS feeds are available. They are updated every time there is new content for them. This can vary from daily to yearly!

Felt Quakes: subscribe to receive details of potentially felt earthquakes

All Quakes: subscribe to receive details of all located earthquakes

Volcanic Alert Levels: subscribe to receive New Zealand Volcanic Alert Levels

Aviation Colour Codes: subscribe to receive New Zealand Aviation Colour Codes

Volcanic Alert Bulletins: subscribe to receive Volcanic Alert Bulletins

News: subscribe to receive a combined list with both GeoNet news articles and Volcanic Alert Bulletins

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