Here you will find a zoomable, pannable interactive map with options to display our different networks, together with regularly updated map images for each of the major sensing networks.

Interactive network map

Displays our networks on a zoomable, pannable map. It has options to turn the display of networks on and off according to their sensing capability or operational status.

New Zealand National Seismograph Network

The New Zealand National Seismograph Network consists of primary sites located at approximately 100 km spacing, with extra regional sites established at places of geophysical significance.

New Zealand Continuous GPS Network

The New Zealand Continuous GPS network is a set of locations throughout New Zealand whose exact position is determined using the geometry of satellite orbits; this include the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) PositioNZ network.

New Zealand Strong-Motion Network

The New Zealand Strong-Motion Network consists of instruments with the capability to measure extremely high accelerations associated with large, damaging earthquakes.

New Zealand Tsunami Gauge Network

The New Zealand Tsunami Gauge Network consists of pressure sensors with the capability to measure rapid sea level changes, either confirming or ruling out the passage of a tsunami.

Network Sites in the Regions

This map is a clickable key to further maps showing GeoNet instrumentation sites on the NZMS 262 series map sheets. Detail is also provided for the volcano monitoring zones and other regional networks.

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