GeoNet earthquake information and felt reports can be queried in a variety of ways.

Quake Search

The Quake Search application allows you to search the New Zealand earthquake catalogue using temporal, spatial, depth and magnitude constraints. You can build queries to request data in different formats, or show search results on an interactive map.


Public Id

In many of the queries below you will need to specify the Public Id of the earthquake of interest. The Public Id is a unique reference code for an earthquake; in these examples it is 2013p614135. Pre-2012 quakes have Public IDs that are 5- to 7-digit numbers.

CSV format

If you just want a simple CSV representation of the picks and/or location, use:

GeoJSON format

KML format

QuakeML format

QuakeML is an XML representation of seismological data. The latest version is 1.2.

RSS feed

Consuming the services

We use caching for the website and services. We dynamically manage the cache content to make sure that it is up to date as soon as we have new earthquake information available. If you're polling the web services for some purpose please do not add extra parameters to the query in an attempt to subvert the caching. We would prefer that you poll more frequently than manipulate the URL. We would prefer not to have to rate limit the services so please use them appropriately.

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