The GeoNet project makes all its data and images freely available. Please ensure you have read and understood our Data Policy and Disclaimer before using any of these services and applications.


Earthquake Resources

The catalogue of New Zealand earthquakes lists all known events in our region, and is the starting point for most seismological research. Digital seismic waveforms record how the ground shakes as earthquake waves pass by. And to lead to an understanding of how our buildings and landscape cope with strong ground motions, the accelerographs of the New Zealand strong-motion network record the highest levels of shaking. This is our collection of earthquake-related data resources and tools.

GPS (GNSS) Resources

GPS/GNSS receivers determine very precisely positions on the surface of the earth. We compute a daily position for each of our stations so we can track the deformation caused by the interaction of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates. This is our collection of GPS/GNSS-related data resources and tools.

Landslide Reports

Landslide reports are prepared after every GeoNet landslide response. The collection dates from the commencement of the GeoNet Project in July 2001.

Structural Array Data

Structural arrays consist of multiple sensors within a building or structure. They provide data to help engineers understand how the structure responds to shaking or vibration.

Tsunami Resources

Tsunami gauge data records sea level variations using a pressure sensor. This is our collection of tsunami-related data resources and tools.

Volcano Resources

Volcanoes are monitored and studied using a wide variety of techniques, primarily seismology, geochemistry and deformation. This is our collection of volcano-related data resources and tools.

Data FAQ

Frequently asked questions about GeoNet's data resources.


All of the data collected by the GeoNet project are freely available. If you use them, please give attribution in accordance with our Data Policy and be aware of the Disclaimer. If you publish a scientific paper that uses GeoNet data, please let us know and we will include it on our list of Citations.

You are welcome to use any of the other images and files on the website as long as you give suitable attribution. However, there is no guarantee that they will not change over time in both appearance and location. If you need something to stay the same, download it, save it, use it and attribute it. If you have seen an image that you would like customized then you will need to contact the graphics department of GNS Science to discuss your requirements and the likely cost of producing the image.

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