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JPEG File crater_dome.jpg 194 kB Brad Scott Dec 12, 2012 14:01
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White Island showing a wide view of the active crater area. The lava dome is at the base of the prominent steam plume on the right side. The larger steam plume on the left side comes from a hot lake.  
JPEG File dome_closeup.jpg 159 kB Brad Scott Dec 12, 2012 14:02
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A close up view of the dome. The dome is made of thick, relatively cool and congealed lava and has prominent spines. The dome is about 20 – 30 metres across. In the foregrouond is a small, cold lake.  
JPEG File vab_domephotos.jpg 158 kB Brad Scott Dec 12, 2012 14:02
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A compiled image showing the wide and close up views of the active crater area and the dome.  
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