Felt the M7.1 earthquake this morning? Fill out the new Felt Detailed!

When we released Felt Rapid a few weeks ago, we planned to release a long-form felt report to collect more detailed information in the event of a larger earthquake. Well, that day has arrived, earlier than we thought, thanks to the East Cape Earthquake (M7.1) this morning. 

About Felt Detailed

This new long-form questionnaire is based on the older Felt reports that you might remember from earthquakes past. However, because we only bring it out for (hopefully) rare larger quakes we’re now able to tailor it for specific earthquakes. For today’s survey we’ve included tsunami related questions. These new questions include asking what you did during and after the shaking, how you like to receive information, and whether you were concerned about a tsunami.  We use your valuable insights to better estimate the shaking intensity caused by this earthquake and to better understand the effects of future major earthquakes in New Zealand. These new questions allow us to work with social science researchers to help us better understand how people think and act during earthquakes. We’ve also been able to increase its stability by having it hosted by SurveyMonkey.

We chose SurveyMonkey as our provider for the Felt Detailed because we know it works. The social science team at GNS Science has used it to collect thousands of surveys over the years. We think it should be stable and secure enough to handle all the great information that you’ve got to share. Be aware that this is a very new system and we had to forego a part of our user testing to make it live for this earthquake. 

If you felt today's big earthquake, give the new Felt Detailed a go and see what you think. That way you would help us both with the early response (through Felt RAPID) and with the research (through Felt Reports: Detailed).  Most of the time, you can stick to clicking a button on Felt Rapid. 

P.S. We’ve had a lot of feedback from you guys today about the new felt reporting system not working. Sorry. This was the first big test, and it didn’t perform so well. Why did this happen? Our Google assisted address search was capped at 150,000 searches, and we went over this (Google searches every time you type a single letter into the address bar, so it goes through 150,000 searches quickly!) 

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