Mar 14 2011 - Japan Tsunami Survey

GNS Science is seeking experiences from New Zealanders who observed or were affected by the tsunami generated by the magnitude 8.9 Japan earthquake that arrived at New Zealand coasts on 12 March.

Our tsunami survey

We'd like to hear about your experiences, as well as see any of your tsunami photos and video.

We have set up an online questionnaire that we'd really like you to fill out for us. It will only take about two minutes of your time:

We also have a GeoNet Facebook page for you to share your thoughts, photos and video. In your web browser, please go to, login and search for 'geonet' or just follow this link:

If you have any tsunami-related videos or photos already posted to places like YouTube and Flickr, it would be very useful if you could "tag" them with the word 'geonet' so we can locate them easily.

Alternatively, you can use email or post your contributions to us - see the Contact Us page for the addresses. Please put "Japan Tsunami Survey" in the subject line of your email or as part of the address on the envelope.

Why are we doing it?

We have no previous historical accounts of what effects an earthquake located in Japan, with this magnitude, would cause in this country. This makes it a valuable opportunity to compile data, observations, photos and videos to better understand the effects across the nation. The knowledge of what tsunami have done to New Zealand in the past helps to verify the computer simulations we are now able to perform. This Japan tsunami is another opportunity for us to add to that long-term knowledge.



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