GeoNet maintains a rapid response capability for landslides in New Zealand.

What to do in a landslide.

GeoNet and Landslides

GeoNet maintains a rapid response capability for landslides in New Zealand. The rapid response team consists mainly of engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers. The aim is to have team members mobilised within 24 hours of a major event. The criteria for activating a rapid response are landslides that cause any of the following:

  • death or serious injury;
  • subsequent catastrophic events (such as the breach of a landslide dam);
  • direct damage of greater than NZ$1 million;
  • economic losses of greater than NZ$10 million;
  • threats to public health (such as contaminated water supplies);
  • significant research interest.

The purpose of these missions is to ensure that appropriate advice is available to maximise public safety, and to collect reliable and consistent landslide information.

Current Landslide Monitoring Projects

In addition to response missions, GeoNet also supports research into the causes and behaviour of landslides in New Zealand.

Landslide Reports

Landslide Videos

View our compilation of informative landslide-related videos.

Landslide FAQ

Frequently asked questions about landslides.

Landslide Glossary

A glossary of landslide-related terms.

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