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GeoNet has now changed the way it delivers earthquake notifications to our subscribers. The legacy software and hardware system that has been delivering this free service for many years has been retired.

What was the change?

Since 30 June 2015, we no longer deliver tailored earthquake notifications via pager, email or text message.

Why has GeoNet done this?

We have put our effort into delivering quicker, modern and more mobile notification services using our smartphone app “GeoNet Quake”. We encourage you to set this up to best meet your requirements. NB. If you are already running the GeoNet Quake app, please make sure you have the latest release so that you have access to all the functionality. If you're not aware of what it can do, see the news release about the latest features.

Are there other ways to get quake notifications?


If you were been receiving email notifications for all likely felt earthquakes, then we moved your email address across to our standard Eqnews mailing list. There was no change to your service.

If you have been receiving emails according to tailored rules, you will need to use the GeoNet Quake app to set up and receive these notifications instead.

Pagers and text messages

If you were receiving pager or text messages, you will need to use the GeoNet Quake app to set up and receive earthquake notifications instead.

If you still wish to receive text message notifications on your phone, this can also be achieved by setting up your own Twitter account and following one of the three GeoNet Twitter feeds:

  • @geonet: all likely felt earthquakes
  • @geonet_above4: all earthquakes above magnitude 4
  • @geonet_above5: all earthquakes above magnitude 5


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