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Cloud computing has brought about a explosion of services. A quick internet search will give you more definitions of Cloud Computing than you need. For those of us working on the IT systems for GeoNet it's meant the chance to be more efficient by reducing the amount work we do. This lets us focus on our core business problems, move faster, and do more than it seems should be possible with a small team. Geoff Clitheroe, GeoNet's Systems Development Manager, expands on this below.…
Last month we told you about our move to Fastly, improving the way we serve our web content to you. If you use any of our image URLs, here's what you need to know. We have changed the URLs for the volcano camera images and GeoJSON feeds. Please see: Volcano Camera Images If you use the seismic drums, or RSAM/SSAM images, please see: Seismic Drums and RSAM-SSAM Images We will maintain re-directs for the old format for a while, so please make your changes in advance of them going away.

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