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Gas flights have been completed at all of our active volcanoes this week. The GeoNet volcano gas team like to make gas flights about once a month at our active volcanoes; White Island (Whakaari), Ruapehu and Tongariro (Te Maari). However the weather has a big say in this. This week we have had a great run of fine weather and the team has made measurements at all of our active volcanoes. We mount our gas instruments in a modified Scenica aircraft operated by HeliPro.…
Thursday 28 August 2014 11:00 am, Earthquake activity near Whakaari / White Island. Volcanic Alert Level remains at 1   The GeoNet seismic network has detected a sequence of small earthquakes near White Island this morning. The largest event is magnitude 3.3 and was located within  5km of the island.  The earthquake sequence is continuing. Since 9.25 am today we have located 5 earthquakes near White Island and recorded several smaller ones that cannot be located.…


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