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Landslides reported from media sources during January 2015. Tuesday 6 January The M6.0 Wilberforce earthquake, located in the Upper Wilberforce River catchment, caused very strong shaking (0.22 g PGA modelled) in the epicentral area which triggered landslides. A total of 263 landslides were mapped during the aerial reconnaissance. See Wilberforce Earthquake: Preliminary findings of the landslide and ground deformation rapid aerial reconnaissance survey
Gisborne city has felt a number of earthquakes over the past 18 hours, the largest of magnitude 4.5 At the time of writing nine quakes likely to have been felt in Gisborne have occurred. All have been between magnitude 2.5 and 2.9, but at noon today one of magnitude 4.5 interrupted this earthquake swarm. This activity is not unusual, but its proximity to a big population centre will have raised local interest.…

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