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June 2014 landslides
Landslides reported from media sources during June 2014. Monday 9 June A landslide closed Awahou South Road near Pohangina, in the Manawatu. The road was closed for 6 days. Heavy rain caused flooding in North Canterbury, and rockfalls affected SH1 at various locations both north and south of Kaikoura (including just south of Ocean Ridge Boulevard). Wangapeka River Road, in the Hope Range, was reduced to one lane by a landslide.…
One of our GNS Landslide experts, Simon Cox, is now on route in a helicopter to Hilary Ridge to study the phenomena and get a clear understanding of how this avalanche occurred. Cox will also evaluate how large the avalanche is and make assessments regarding potential other hazards related to the event. What’s a “rock avalanche?” A rock avalanche or “sturzstrom” is defined as an “extremely rapid, massive, flow-like motion of fragmented rock from a large rock slide or rock fall”.…


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