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The Gisborne area is no stranger to “silent” earthquakes or, as our seismology friends like to call these: the 'slow-slip event' (SSEs). We've recorded several SSEs over the past decade or so in the Gisborne area but its been quiet for the last 18 months. Two weeks ago, our GPS system started picking up some movement again. After monitoring our equipment closely to ensure we had another SSE going on, we can now confirm that there is an SSE occurring right now in the Gisborne area,…
Dunedin’s shaky past?
Last night, Dunedin and the surrounding area got its first magnitude 4 earthquake in a long time. The M4.1 was widely felt throughout the Otago region, with more than 1,300 felt reports received by GeoNet. This earthquake may have been a bit of a surprise to some people as earthquakes simply aren’t that common in this part of the South Island.   But these have happened before. We dug through our earthquake files to find out more about Dunedin’s shaky past. Q.…

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