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GeoNet chemists visited White Island last Thursday and Friday to sample and collect gas from the high temperature fumaroles. Fumaroles are high temperature vents which emit steam and gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen sulfide. Fumarole 0 (zero) is the hottest accessible fumarole on the island. The temperature during sampling was 168 °C, been 8 °C warmer than the previous sampling.  They also sampled Noisy Nellie at 100.2 °C and 13a at 100 °C.…
The GeoNet seismographs in the Auckland region recorded two small earthquakes on Saturday at Waiheke Island.  Both were located towards the western end of the island. The larger occurred at 11.56 am, being a magnitude 2.5 earthquake at 8 km depth. So far 48 people have reported feeling the event.  Reports are mainly from on the island or the city area (including Maraetai). The second…

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