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Upper Te Maari crater at Mount Tongariro was the site of small eruptions on 6 August and 21 November 2012, the first eruptive activity there since 1928 and the larger eruptions in 1896-97. The eruptions produced small ash clouds up to 8 km height and were accompanied by volcanic landslides, blasts and rocks being tossed more than 2 km from the vent.  Today emission of steam and gas, seen as a continuous white plume above the crater are a feature of the mountain.…
Anyone (possibly just researchers?) looking back through the last few years of our earthquake catalogue - containing over 500,000 quakes from the last two centuries - may have noticed that there was a period in 2012-2013 with no quakes. As Cantabrians and much of the country can attest, quakes were most definitely happening in New Zealand during that time. They were, however,…

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