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2016 Volcano Short Course
Following the 1995-1996 eruptions of Mt Ruapehu, which were the largest eruptions in New Zealand for 50 years it was realised there was a need for more detailed education about ‘The Volcano Problem’. In December 1997 GNS held its first volcano short course; Volcanoes and Society in Taupo. Now 19 years later the course is still popular and fulfilling a need with emergency managers and operational staff, engineering lifelines, the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, students,…
Recently we had a short lived episode of volcanic ash emission at White Island and our geologists collected some samples. The ash was what geologists call ‘very fine’, that is the particles are very small. They reported back to us that the ash ‘didn’t show any signs of new magma been involved. So how do they know this? The traditional method is to place the ash sample under a microscope and describe what you see. This time around they did that,…

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