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Seismic activity around Ngauruhoe has remained slightly elevated this last week. Visits were made to install additional seismic equipment and measure fumarole temperatures.   Ngauruhoe unrest continues: Volcanic Alert Level 1 The Volcanic Alert Level was raised to Level 1 from Level 0 on March 20 in response to the changes in earthquake activity, indicating minor volcanic unrest. The GeoNet seismographs around Mt Ngauruhoe have continued to record earthquake activity.…
23 March 2015, 4:00pm - Volcanic Alert Level rises to Level 1; Aviation Colour Code remains Green (no change) Seismic activity around Ngauruhoe has increased above the typical background level, indicating minor volcanic unrest. Consequently GNS Science has raised the Volcanic Alert Level to level 1 (minor volcanic unrest) from 0 (no volcanic unrest).…

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