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VOLCANIC ALERT BULLETIN: RUA – 2016/09 10:50 am Friday 30 September 2016  Volcanic Alert Level 1 (no change) Aviation Colour Code: Green (no change) This morning, steam plumes have been visible above Mt Ruapehu’s Crater Lake. The lake temperature is now 37 ºC as part of a heating episode that began around 2-3 September 2016. No seismic or acoustic activity has been recorded this morning, indicating the steam plume was not generated by activity in the lake.…
Scientists here at GNS Science are still trying to unravel the details of the East Cape M7.1 earthquake. To add to this mix, both before and after this month's East Cape earthquake, there have been multiple silent earthquakes (also called slow-slip events) offshore from East Cape and the Mahia peninsula. The recent spate of silent earthquake activity started at the end of August, around a week before the magnitude 7.1 earthquake.…

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