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Anyone (possibly just researchers?) looking back through the last few years of our earthquake catalogue - containing over 500,000 quakes from the last two centuries - may have noticed that there was a period in 2012-2013 with no quakes. As Cantabrians and much of the country can attest, quakes were most definitely happening in New Zealand during that time. They were, however,…
GeoNet’s volcano teams plan to sample the summit Crater Lake at Mt Ruapehu about once a month. At this time of the year the weather can be challenging.  Late last week the weather presented the opportunity and the lake was visited by helicopter.   The lake is currently cooling from a high of 39.6 °C on 25 April, now being only 17.4 °C. This is very normal for the Crater Lake.  Over a period of 9-14 months the lake will typically heat to around 40 °C and then cool to around 16 °C.…

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