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Our iOS GeoNet Quake app could use a few more beta testers. Would you like to join them and be one of the first to test new features? Beta testers get to try out new features we plan to put into the official release. But while you get to try out some new things, there is always the chance that some things don’t work well. That’s why we release them to a small audience who are keen to help us build the best possible official release. If you want to join our community of iOS beta testers,…
Intermittent volcanic tremor declines as Ruapehu Crater Lake starts to cool Ruapehu Volcano Volcanic Alert Level 1 Aviation Colour Code Green 2.30 pm Monday 11 May 2015   The level of seismic activity has decreased. “During April we recorded intermittently moderate to strong levels of volcanic tremor at Mt Ruapehu,…

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