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Overnight on Tuesday a moderately large avalanche flowed into the Crater Lake at Mt Ruapehu, with approximately 30 000 tons of ice and snow slipping in to the lake. The GeoNet seismographs near the summit of Mt Ruapehu recorded the ground vibration caused by the avalanche, appearing as a ‘unusual’ earthquake that in someways looked like a volcanic earthquake. Our Crater Lake temperature sensor recorded a rapid drop in the temperature of the lake, from 15 to 8 °C.…
July 2015 landslides
Landslides reported from media sources during July 2015. Friday 17 July A landslide on Otaki Gorge Road, about 3km from the Tararua Forest Park, deposited about 400 cubic metres of debris on the road cutting off several houses and a camp. Rockfalls closed SH3 in the Manawatu Gorge for a day. Saturday 18 July A landslide affected SH41 at the junction with SH32 near Turangi. The slip blocked the westbound road.…

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