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Volcanic Crater Lakes
In volcanic areas crater lakes are very common, some occupy depressions formed by lava flows damming valleys, while others are in craters formed during an eruption. The size varies from a few tens of meters across to tens of kilometres. Some are filled with cold ground water while others are warm or hot, heated by the underling volcanic processes. The colour of crater lakes varies markedly according to the temperature and chemistry of the water,…
GeoNet News Issue 21
The latest issue of our newsletter "GeoNet News" is released today.   GeoNet News 21.pdf (1.49Mb) Featuring: GeoNet Quake app gets new features, The South Island's shaky start to the year, Ngauruhoe unrest tests the revised volcano alert system, White Island landslide hazard, Strong-motion renewal keeps GeoNet ready, Mystery device emerges at Lauder.   Previous issues can be found on the archives page.


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