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The GeoNet Quake app upgrade is now complete and available at your iOS or Android app store! The app is, as always, free to use and should only take a few minutes to download. Our busy GeoNet application developers Howard Wu and Baishan Peng have worked tirelessly on developing the new GeoNet Quake app. We interrupted their programming time and sat down with Howard to get more information about the new features in the upgrade and what went on behind the scenes: Q.…
Smartphone users have been getting notifications of earthquakes soon after they occur, thanks to the GeoNet Quake app running on Apple and Android devices. We’ve enhanced the features of the app thanks to your feedback. Expect to see them in the Play Store and App Store later this week! What's New? Set multiple notification rules by location and intensity, or magnitude and depth. Filter the recent quakes list by intensity, just like the website.…

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