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Volcanic Alert Bulletin WI 2016/07: 8:50am Wednesday 25 May 2016; White Island Volcano  Alert Status: Volcanic Alert Level remains Level 1 Aviation Colour Code remains Green The level of volcanic unrest at White Island declined following the eruption. Volcano seismic activity has decreased, while the gas output has been variable and is now at typical background levels. No further eruptions have occurred and the Volcanic Alert Level remains at Level 1.…
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve taken that saying and are now using pictures for our Felt reports, on our app and also on our website. We have developed our new Felt Rapid around being fast and easy to use. The quicker you are, the faster we can understand the impacts of the quake.  Our new felt report system has been evolving over the past 18 months or so. First we added a “Felt it?” button to our GeoNet app,…

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