Help wanted: Make our website better


At GeoNet we're always trying to improve on our services. We don't have a large team, but we try and stretch what resources we have. So…we've just started a re-design of our website, and we want to make sure we get it right - from the ground up - so it's easy as possible to find the information you want. We'd really love your help in building a better website.

We'd love it if you could complete our online survey - it's mobile friendly too! It has 15 questions, and may take between 10 and 15 minutes. Before we get on to the look and feel of the website, we're starting with the basics - how we structure our webpages. We want to know where you would expect to find information about our various hazards. The survey will be up until midday Monday 29th February.

As a small thank you, one “lucky” survey participant will receive this t-shirt from GeoNet, with our thanks. Yes, it’s an image of a kitten coming out of a volcano. According to one of our volcanologists, it is a “life-changing image”. Note: no New Zealand volcanoes or kittens were harmed in making the t-shirt.

While this t-shirt isn’t very serious, we take improving our website very seriously. So, go on, fill out our survey and be in to get this amazing t-shirt (exchanges are available if you don’t want to be seen rocking a kitten coming out of a volcano t-shirt).


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