Oct 14 2010 - New server for Auckland

The GeoNet web servers are taking the heat of the widespread interest in the Darfield aftershocks.

The new more powerful web server, a twin of a new server that went to Palmerston North a couple of weeks ago, went into the racks at FX Networks New North Road Data Centre in Auckland on Monday 10 October. Once the configuration was complete it took over from the old Auckland server on Tuesday 11 October. The new server didn't have to wait long for its first test. A magnitude 5.0 aftershock rattled Christchurch on Wednesday 13 October at 4:42 pm. The quake was strongly felt and traffic to the GeoNet website was driven to a new record high - over 7700 requests per second over a one minute average. Thanks to the new server the website performed well. We will now look at any further tuning we can do to the server and then turn our minds back to adding load balancers to the GeoNet website hosting to help further increase its capacity.

GeoNet runs four web servers, located at Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington and California. The Auckland server deals with a lot of New Zealand's domestic internet traffic and so takes the brunt of the load on our website when people feel earthquakes at home. It's great to be able to inform so many people but it's an ongoing job keeping the supply up with the demand!

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