GeoNet uses a wide variety of equipment to monitor New Zealand's geohazards and to collect data for research. Find out more about them and where they are located.

Network Maps

Here you will find a zoomable, pannable interactive map with options to display our different networks, together with regularly updated map images for each of the major sensing networks.

Network Location Queries

GeoNet geophysical network locations can be queried using our web services.

Our Equipment

The GeoNet project uses a wide variety of sensing equipment located throughout New Zealand. This page details the models we are currently operating.


DELTA (Data Equipment pLanning Tracking Access) provides information about GeoNet's sites and the equipment installed at them.

For the fastest navigation of our mapping applications (Network Maps and DELTA) we recommend Windows users use Firefox or Chrome web browsers rather than Internet Explorer.

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GeoNet is a collaboration between the Earthquake Commission and GNS Science.

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