Volcanoes are monitored and studied using a wide variety of techniques, primarily seismology, geochemistry and deformation. This is our collection of volcano-related data resources and tools.

Volcanic Alert Levels and Aviation Colour Codes

GeoNet volcano status information can be returned using GeoJSON and RSS feeds.

Seismic Drums and RSAM-SSAM Images

These images are used to appraise the frequency of local earthquakes and the level of ground tremor at a volcano.

Volcano Camera Images

GeoNet's volcano camera images are an important part of the surveillance programme as any changes to a volcano can be observed and compared over time. Our cameras produce images periodically, with the frequency of image capture varying from camera to camera depending on the communications bandwidth to the site. During a volcanic event we may change the frequency of capture.

Volcano Seismic Waveform Data

Volcano GPS RINEX Data and Solutions

Volcano Posters

GeoNet volcano posters.

Exercise Ruaumoko

Exercise Ruaumoko was an exercise carried out in 2007/08 based on fictitious volcanic activity in the Auckland metropolitan area.

GPS Time Series

Due to increased security requirements that browsers are imposing on Java, you will need to add the URL http://magma.geonet.org.nz to the Java Exception Site List on your computer.

GPS Time Series

This allows the user to plot the relative motion of the sites over time and provides quality control information about the GPS data.


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