None of the following material is real. It is all part of the exercise.

Exercise Ruaumoko was an exercise carried out in 2007/08 based on fictitious volcanic activity in the Auckland metropolitan area.

It is in NO WAY to be taken to represent data, information or knowledge regarding real volcanic and seismic events in the Auckland area.

In 2005 Cabinet directed the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management to conduct two national disaster exercises to test New Zealand's all-of-nation preparedness for a major disaster. The first of these, Exercise Capital Quake, took place in November 2006 and tested response to a Wellington earthquake. The second of these exercises, Exercise Ruaumoko, commenced in November 2007 and took place mainly in March 2008, and tested all-of-nation preparedness for a volcanic eruption in Auckland.

The scenario was based on a possible volcanic eruption somewhere in the wider Auckland metropolitan area. The exercise commenced with the identification of precursor activity in the form of seismicity in the Auckland region in November 2007, such that planning meetings were required. In early 2008 unusual and sustained seismicity in the Auckland region prompted further attention. As the source of seismic activity becomes shallower, it became clear that a volcanic eruption was imminent.

The Volcanic Alert Bulletins showed how the exercise unfolded from the point of view of GNS scientists:



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