The catalogue of New Zealand earthquakes lists all known events in our region, and is the starting point for most seismological research. Digital seismic waveforms record how the ground shakes as earthquake waves pass by. And to lead to an understanding of how our buildings and landscape cope with strong ground motions, the accelerographs of the New Zealand strong-motion network record the highest levels of shaking. This is our collection of earthquake-related data resources and tools.

Earthquake Catalogue

The New Zealand catalogue of earthquakes is a list of known events compiled from oral and written history, and since the 1930s, from instrumental readings.

Seismic Waveform Data

GeoNet's time-series waveform data can be retrieved using a number of standard options.

Strong-Motion Data

Strong-motion accelerographs are located in major centres of population, near significant faults, or in different types of building structures. They are capable of measuring very strong shaking associated with damaging earthquakes.


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GeoNet is a collaboration between the Earthquake Commission and GNS Science.

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