Frequently asked questions about GeoNet's data resources.
  • Q: Do the URLs stay the same?
  • A: We try to keep the URLs the same wherever possible. If we have to change a URL and there are a lot of people linking to it we will try to add rewrites or redirects as appropriate (we check the list of 404 page errors from time to time). For example, while there is a volcano camera pointing at Ruapehu there is a very good chance you will be able to link to and expect to get the image. However, not everything is within our control so from time to time things will change that cause a URL to no longer be available and there may be no logical way to redirect requests.

  • Q: Can you provide your RSS feed in a different format?
  • A: The short answer is no! This applies to other data feeds as well (e.g., JSON). There are numerous tools and libraries available on the internet to assist you with this.

  • Q: Can you add 'feature X' to your feeds?
  • A: Maybe. If there is something missing that would be of value to a wide range of users then send your suggestion to us and we will note it for consideration. An example of a good suggestion is adding spatial data to the RSS feeds. Please be aware that we are typically extremely busy developing and supporting the core data systems for the project and it could be a long time before we are assessing the development of the next set of features for the feed. If we haven't previously thought of your idea and we use it then we will give you credit.

  • Q: Can you help with my project?
  • A: Unfortunately we simply do not have the resources available to provide an advisory service.

  • Q: I found a problem, will you fix it?
  • A: We will certainly try. Please send us details of the problem. The easier you can make it for us to understand and replicate the problem, the better the chance of us being able to fix it. The following links have good advice on how to describe and report bugs: Mozilla bug writing guidelines and How to report bugs effectively.

  • Q: What if it's not working in my browser?
  • A: We try to support recent versions of major browsers on common operating systems but may not be able to address all browser issues.
  • Q: How do I acknowledge use of your resources?
  • A: Please see our Data Policy.
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